We AIM TO foster a culture of quality, commitment & accountability.

we strive to succeed & to be the best.

Our customers are our people… as much as our roofing crews and our employees are. We treat them all like our family. Only with their trust and support, can we achieve success. It’s just that simple! Our future lies in the last job we are on, and the job we are preparing for today. Discover how our “old school” hands on and “it has to be right” approach can add value to your roofing and construction project

About us

Joe Dyer is the co-owner of MidSouth Roofing and Construction.  Growing up in the construction industry, Joe always knew he wanted to work in that space.

After graduating from East Carolina University, followed by several years working successfully in the roofing industry for the “big guys”, he decided the time was right to team up with his long-time friend to help build and enhance a company that focuses on elevating the standards in home and commercial exteriors.

In his free time, Joe enjoys spending time with his wife, Alison, his twin daughters Madelyn and Natalie, and the occasional round of golf.

Bankston Lewis, founder of MidSouth Roofing and Construction, always had a keen interest in the construction industry. Soon after graduating from North Carolina State University with a Horticulture Degree, he transitioned from the landscape industry to the exterior construction field (Still remaining outdoors). Bankston enjoys collaborating with designers, architects, and project owners on what details and products work best for the job at hand. His favorite line is “if it’s complicated, it’s for me”. Over the past 4 years, Bankston has proven his abilities, becoming a trusted resource for prominent custom home builders and architects, making complex roofing projects seem effortless. That takes a hands on approach and an appetite for quality improvements and on-site planning revisions.

In his spare time he enjoys working on International Scouts vehicles, camping, fishing, and refurbishing local community buildings to enlighten North Carolina’s most challenged commercial hubs.

Dillon Alvarez fell in love with the construction industry as a young child. His father, a long-time general contractor and home builder, took Dillon under his wing and taught as much as he knew about the industry.
After working for another company, Dillon began managing projects for 3 years before coming to work for his old friends at MidSouth and joining a company that Joe and Bankston have helped to grow and turn into North Carolina premier quality roofing and construction partner.

Dillon enjoys managing the diversity of projects that keep coming his way as keeping clients informed and educated on the progress and MidSouth’s process. Privately, Dillon enjoys any aspect of the outdoors, walking nature trails with his German Shepherd zoey, camping, or heading down to the coast for some time on the beach. If it’s outdoors, it’s for Dillon. 


Keeping our eyes open and our minds active, hungry to
make our customers’ experience painless yet valuable.

What we build, how we behave, the way we do business.
Quality and integrity is our north star and will guide both ourselves and customers many years into the future.

Working alongside each other and our partners with respect,
good communication and real productivity; we get to deliver great roofing solutions together.

Supporting each other, making our actions count and
focusing on the things that matter to fulfilling our purpose.

How may we help you?

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