What To Do When You Have A Roof Leak

Take Care of Interior First

Once water penetrates the ceiling and finds an escape  route, it will start pouring into your home.  Place a bucket under the  leak to temporarily contain the water.  If you have water coming out of  multiple cracks in the same area, poke a hole in the center of the leak  so that it all drains into that hole and  is easily captured in the bucket. 

Find The Leak

Start  with the attic.  Look for wet spots in the sheathing or insulation.   Be mindful that the leak with the roof and attic may not align, but  water will usually fall to joint of the plywood, depending on the pitch  of your roof. 

Call Us!

Keep  the leak maintained with the steps above and then give us a call.  Depending on the severity, we will come patch or tarp the leak until we  agree on permanent solution.  You may be eligible for a brand new roof!