we'll keep your roof clear of debris that causes leaks and roof damage.

MisSouth’s Roof Maintenance program avoids costly surprises caused by debris that can trap water. We’ll keep your roof looking good for decades to comes.

Which package is right for you

We all know there is no shortage of trees in our Central and Eastern North Carolina regions. What a lot of homeowners don't know (or choose to ignore) is that debris build-up such as pine-straw, leaves, twigs, etc. can adversely affect the lifetime of your roof and home (if gutters are not also maintained). It is imperative that this debris is cleaned off every so often to allow the roof system to shed water how it's designed to. How often is dependent upon your homes proximity to surrounding trees. Let MidSouth's seasoned professionals make the climb and clean your roof and gutters for you. Please answer the following questions and we will promptly respond with a plan specific to your requirements.