We understand the materials, application methods and styles that were used to create some of our most historic homes.

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As much as roofing technology and materials have advanced over the last several decades, understanding of traditional roofing materials and methods have become much more scarce. It is extremely difficult to find a roofing company that has a team experienced in these timeless methods which can be critical to traditionally built or historical homes and buildings.

MidSouth is a preferred partner when your home requires a more traditional and historically sensitive re-roof or roof repair. Preservation of your traditional roof is very much about esthetics and material authenticity, but using the correct installation methods is also critical to any traditional home restoration.

Traditional roofing requires not only the historically correct materials, but also appropriate reconstruction and installation methods. This is because traditional roofs like clay tiles or slate are often heavier than asphalt or wooden shingles and have specific construction requirements. MidSouth puts pride into each traditional home construction or refurbishment and we have the expertise to ensure that very specific standards are met.

Traditional Roofing Materials:

Cedar Shakes – These handmade shakes are typically sawed on one side and hand split making them thicker than wood shingles.

Slate shingles – these shingles are common sight on traditionally built homes as they offer durable protection for as long as 150+ years.

Local Clay Tiles – when available, clay tiles are common in hotter climates that benefit from their high insulation rating as they reflect as much as 50% of the sun’s rays.

Copper roofing sheets or shingles – with an unmatched appearance, environmentally friendly characteristics and a 50 year durability, copper is a very common roofing material for traditional buildings and buildings requiring architectural appeal. Some of the world’s most revered and famous buildings have copper roofs — and not just historic, medieval structures like castles and churches. Many of America’s early homes and public buildings still display the unmistakable greenish-blue patina of aged copper on their roofs. Copper is The natural weathering yields a patina that evolves in color to restore the traditional look of your building. It is also a common matching material to compliment flashings, gutter, ornamentals and chimney caps.

Ornamental work, Cornices & Cladding – In the construction or restoration of high-end homes and many historically important buildings, it is common to embellish the roof’s esthetic appeal with ornamentation. These decorations include cornice moldings, chimney caps, guttering and cladding.